Jozart Halloween Party and Open Mic Report 10/20/10

Greetings music fans,

You may be asking if all the people who performed last week are chopped liver since I am promoting the Halloween Party (that is this Wednesday 8-11) in my subject line.  To answer, yes, yes, they are all chopped liver because the Halloween Party is the open mic event of the year.  Don’t miss it.  Costumes, a costume contest, cash prizes.  Weird decorations and so on.  Even Mr. Zaphod has promised an appearance.  All you open mic alumni, this could be your Jozart Homecoming!

Anyway, last week, we did have good entertainment and just for the record (and because I also played) I must say the performers were not really “chopped liver”.  I just said that to hype the Halloween Party.  I mean, after, all, I was one of the performers.  I started off the night and received great vocal and mando help from Lee Y. who picked out that Chinqapin Hunting song and played along on classics like Silver Threads and Golden Needles.  Garret also got into the act with the djembe and joined us for some Dylan and Hank Senior.  Then Garret and I stepped up the rhythm on Parking Lot and the I Will Survive closer.  It was fun for me anyway!

Garret played another strong set and played a tribute to Keith Richards new biography (yes, he is still alive) We All Need Someone to Lean On.  As a result of a plea bargain Keith once did an anti-drug TV ad and one person yelled at the TV, “Keith we can’t do drugs, you already did them all”.  OK, this is probably not a true story and it has no place in Garret’s write-up.  I did smile when Garret opened with a fifties type sound and chord progression (going around in G, I believe) as you usually can’t tell what he is playing at all.

Charles carried on and I can’t stop mentioning that he does I Want to Hold Your Hand among other classic songs.  That song was one of the high points of fifth grade (luckily today’s generation has trouble with arithmetic or I will never hear the end of that comment).

He was followed by Chris M. who told a few jokes while setting up and chording his way through Illegal Smile and some other standards.  You can see Chris slowly becoming more comfortable on stage (not comfortable, but more comfortable).

Finally, Chris DaGoat, came up and performed stand-up.  I swear I was not drunk and he just sounded funnier than usual.  His perfect pie crust routine was hysterical and I just never get tired of the bicycle joke (“Well a preacher and a minister are different, but we don’t have time to go into that here”).  Basically, like most comedy, you sort of had to be there.

See you all tricked out in two days,

Open Mic Report 10/13/10

Greetings music fans,

What involves forty students, two faculty members, fourteen hours of driving and ten contests over three days?  Yes, i just returned from the TECA East Regional in Virginia Beach and I have to give a test at 7:50 AM tomorrow so this may be a little briefer than usual despite all the talent last week.
Also, remember, our Open Mic Halloween Party is only a week away.  Don’t miss it!
In addition, there is also a good possibility that Ilyaimy will appear tomorrow at open mic. Come on down and see if they show.  You know you want to.
Last week I started out strong and then was joined by Garret for a number of timeless classics like Time Marches On and Viking Reggae.  I also broke out Sam Cooke’s Having a Party and Silver Threads and Golden Needles.  Britton Sloan followed with his acoustic act including the Smith’s song How Soon is Now.  We haven’t seen him in a while so it was good to hear his music again.
Charles did the not-very-often-covered I Want to Hold Your Hand and also a Death Camp for Cutie song and Free Falling.  Nice stuff.  He was followed by the rare father/daughter sequential poetry acts as Ken Frye and his daughter Sally took turns reading poems.  She had traveled all the way from California (the state) and her mom even appeared for the readings.  Both performed interesting and challenging original works and Sally even sang a Radiohead song a capella (a Jozart first).
Garret covered Noah and the Whale, and performed originals “West End Boogie”, “SissyFuss” and “My Bastard Tongue” (and yes, I asked him what the songs were).  All were great and now I have some idea where several of them actually came from.  Bob and Wayne were there and they provided accompaniment for Allen Free  while he danced more free form than usual since he had never practiced with them at all.
Wayne and Bob continued with more songs including a Cranberries number (I think, my notes and brain are getting sketchy (see first sentence for explanation why).  Anyway, it was great to hear them playing together again.  Sean covered Wherever You Will Go, some Foo Fighters and either he or W and B also covered Peter Gabriel’s Your Eyes.  Oh yeah and Sean covered a Killers song too.
Finally, we lured Chris Machinak up on the stage for his first appearance where he started off uneasy and became increasingly comfortable telling three animal jokes and performing a number of songs including one by the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens.  Finally, we all went home and went to bed.
Which is what I am about to do.  See you all tomorrow, and next week at our Halloween Party open mic.

Open Mic Report 10/6/10

Greetings music lovers,

Jozart open mic featured a lot of good music (and one good dancer) last week.  I started off, but was soon joined by bandmate, Lee on the mandolin and some Garret on the bongos.  (At least we have located the djembe now).  We played Annabelle, Oh Sister and a mandolin-picking song Chinqapin Hunting.  Then Garret and I rocked out with some Viking Reg, and the group participation number, Wagon Wheel. Garret went next and played (among a number of others) including a song Carole King wrote which the Byrds played. However, the highlight for me was when he and Lee covered two songs including an inspired Cover of the Rolling Stone.
He was followed by Allen Free who performed another nicely choreographed number to a song I don’t know.  As usual, it was outstanding.  Kaitlin Lang and a friend had appeared and I remembered her from long past visits to the open mic and asked if she wanted to play.  She borrowed Garret’s guitar and displayed the fine guitar picking and sweet, clear, vocals that I remembered.  It was great.  She included part of a Grease number that I heard her do online later, Landslide, and a strong original that may have been called “You are the only exception”.
As a great bonus, it turned out her friend, Diane, also played and went on next.  She played a song about 10 million fireflies and hen stunned me by breaking into one of my favorite songs, Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On.  This is a hard song to cover (yes, I’ve tried at home) and she pretty much crushed it.  Wow.
See you all Wednesday at Jozarts open mic.

Revised Calendar Items (with new dates added)

Monday, October 4, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. – The coffee shop will open during the day, Mon-Fri. Stop in, study or visit with friends, and enjoy coffee/tea, light refreshments and our unique atmosphere.

Saturday, October 16, 2010 – 10 a.m.-4 p.m. – We will hold a Homecoming Flea Market and Bake Sale featuring live entertainment. Vendor tables are $10 each. Free tables are available for many community organizations. For more info about vendor tables, contact Carla Anderton at For more info about free tables for community organizations, contact Eric Worton at

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 – 8-11 p.m. – Halloween Open Mic Party & Costume Contest. FMI, see our calendar.

Thursday, October 28, 2010 – 8 p.m. – Gary Antol & The Coal Center String Band

Saturday, October 30, 2010 – 4-6 p.m. – Halloween party for children featuring arts & crafts, carnival style games and light refreshments.

Friday, November 12, 2010 – 7:30 p.m. – Dave Pahanish & Friends!

Saturday, November 20, 2010 – 7 p.m. – Children’s Talent Revue, featuring pre-professional talent including singer/songwriter Coco Pahanish, dancer Allen Free and singer/songwriter Catherine Zisk plus many others TBA…

Open Mic Report 9/29/10

From our host…

“Greetings music lovers,

We had a good amount of talent at open mic last week and a good variety.
I started and, as part of my act, I broke out the dobro and did Rough and Rocky.
Lee was impressed anyway.  Of course, the two accompaniests definitely helped.
Anyway, I was followed by Jesse Kitts who was back again and played lots of strong originals and not even his greatest hits (I mean, who was there to yell ‘snow’?).
Allen did a nice dance to a song I would call “Japanese pop”.  every week he has a different style of music and a different spin on his dancing.
Marty broke out a number of older and obscure songs including Porter Wagoner and Satisfied Mind.  He is a pro and we were suitably impressed (again).
Sean (aka Seal) played a number of current covers like the one with “I’m got soul but I’m not a Soulja” and Vindicated by Dashboard and/or All the Things that I’ve Done by the Killers (unless they are the same song).
Garret played next and showed why he is a coveted performer.  His mixing and general support were also a big help given that we were missing our best microphone the whole night.
Finally, Nathan took the stage and played a few songs before closing the night.  Hey, do what I do, bring sheets with the words just in case.
So the monkey found a new home and we all went home.
See you tomorrow at Jozarts Open Mic.