Another Special Announcement

In order to further our stated mission that we seek “to preserve and promote the arts” in the Southwestern Pennsylvania region, the Jozart Center for the Arts is pleased to announce that we will be producing an arts magazine in the first half of 2011.

The purpose of the magazine will be to celebrate our past accomplishments and to preview what we have in store for the coming year. Additionally, we will be publishing creative work by area artists, as well as featuring short biographical pieces about artists in our region and beyond.

The working title of Jozart’s arts magazine, slated for publication in late winter/early spring of 2011, is Peer Amid: Jozart CFTA.

We are currently seeking creative work from local and regional artists, including: poetry, short stories of no more than 1500 words, essays, artwork, photography and any and all other arts related content. (If you’re not sure if your work fits in one of these categories, please ask!) For more detailed guidelines, please email us at Work will be accepted on an ongoing basis until otherwise announced.

We are also seeking local writers who would be available to write short biographical pieces about area artists. Subjects will be assigned, however we also welcome ideas and suggestions.

The publication will be ad driven, so if you are interested in advertising, please contact us for more information about our low rates.

Questions, comments, angry exhortations? Email us! Also, stay tuned as we will be posting new information on our web site and on our Facebook page as it becomes available.

Jozart’s sites: – Official web site of Jozart Center for the Arts – Official Jozart CFTA Facebook page

Open Mic Report 12/8/10

Greetings music fans,
Last week it was cold outside and sort of cool inside (even though we ran the heat quite a bit), but the music was hot and the crowd stayed put.
I opened with a good set that I ended when I saw all of the talent showing up, but not before Viking Reggae and I Will Survive back to back. Gee, sorry you missed it!
Charles followed me and opened with a Death Cab for Cutie song. He had a solid set that got his fans into the front row. Allen Free then performed a Bright Eyes song (no surprise) then surprised us by breaking in to an a capella Japanese pop song with no notes (really surprised me). It sure sounded like Japanese to me.
Garret played his usual mix of originals and covers, both of which he has so many of that it is hard to follow. He did admit to playing I Don’t Want to Get Over You by the Magnetic Fields. Sean (yes, that Sean got off work for the night and so, appeared) played a number of songs including the Leonard Cohen’s timeless Hallelujah. He plugged Beatles night at the Underground, but that is over now.
Ken Frye took the microphone after telling me it was his last reading at Jozart and that he was “retiring” from that. Well, since he will be 79 in two weeks, I guess he is entitled to retire from whatever he wants, but he is always welcome on the Jozart open mic stage. He read poems about Christmas, Birthdays, and New Years (three holidays) that were (as usual) insightful, funny, and deep.
Jesse K. (yes, that Jesse K. was also back) started with a new song Push that was about growing up and realizing in what ways you are ordinary (and in what ways not I presume). He played a nice selection of mostly originals and it was good to have him back too.
Kaitlin Lang, who had patiently waited most of the night, took the stage and did her original take on One of the World and several other strong solo efforts. People who hadn’t heard her before commented on her voice (no surprise as it is exceptional).
She was followed by friend, Diane Cywinski who performed Your Body is a Wonderland and my (predictable) Marvin Gaye request (hey, I had to). Finally, Diane and Kaitlin sang a (long-awaited) duet. It was as good as I expected it would be and then Diane ended with an original and we all packed up and went to warmer places.
Don’t miss open mic tomorrow night or our “Jozart Christmas” open mic on Dec. 22nd.
See you,

Open Mic Report 12/1/10

Greetings people who know what hearing a real musical instrument is,
Last week was just another typical night at open mic. You know, widely varied performances of quite talented people, a monkey giveaway, new acts, old acts, a huge Santa that can only fit in Jozart. Yup, just another typical night.
I played first and had a good time. You never know if you will have an audience right at the start, but I did.
Charles was there and played real early, right after me with Jeff Moser. They played a nice combination with a strong 50s sounding song to open and then some more contemporary sounds. Ken Frye then perforrmed to the attentive audience he deserves and all I really remember is, “You can’t leave footprints in the sands of time if you are sitting on your ass”. Once they listened they kept listening.
Allen Free danced to Bulletproof Heart and definitely was working on all of his elements, including twirl. Peter Plaks and friend, Mark I think, had a nice lead guitar, rhythm and singing thing going as they traded off the electric through the classic Fender amp. Down By the River was one of the songs they played.
Seamus and Nick then played a nice set of originals like I’m Felling Fine. They sound good every time.
Our Name in Lights came back with their two vocals and one guitar sound. They played Virginia and others and displayed their good harmonies.
Garret broke out a great selection (he actually left, ate dinner again, and came back in order to play). I remember some Transformer Lou Reed and You don’t know the shape I’m in.
On that note, we packed up and I went home.
See you tomorrow,

Open Mic Report 11/24/10

Greetings believers in actual music,
You know, the kind that makes the air molecules vibrate with notes, harmonics and pure tempos.
Open mic did occur last week even though Thanksgiving started the next day. Contrary to some predictions, we even had a decent turnout. A core group sat up front and listened to (and watched) all of the acts until it was over.
I played first and did a solid job. We even sprang for some heat (unlike the previous week).
Allen followed and danced to a lively number that involved a lot of pirouetting (twirling about to the rest of you). He again astounded those who had not seen him dance before.
He was followed by our old friend, Charles, who plays well, sings well, and even brings an audience with him. He did not disappoint.
Finally, a newcomer, Alex, took the stage (not the Fron…… one). He is obviously a very good guitar player who is a little rusty. In other words, he kept attempting guitar parts that I can’t play and almost nailing them. For example, I have played “Ohio” with chords. He played it with a walking guitar line that sounded great for the song and he was a few hours of practice away form nailing the whole think.
Hopefully, he will return.
The monkey was given away and we all packed up and I went home.
Don’t miss open mic tomorrow night!
Best wishes,