Staff & Supporters

Board of Directors

Carla E. Anderton, President – Jonathan “Jonny Red” Klein, Sound Engineer Nicole Robison, Treasurer Eric WortonPeter Wright, Secretary


Cat Zisk, Youth Director


Liz Jones, Liz Jones Arts

Committee Members

Joe “Bish” Morosky – Todd Edwards – Nancy Zisk – Gary Antol


Rose Capanna at Webchyk


Mariscotti Insurance Agency, Inc. – TechBoxz Law Office of Lisa J. Buday – State Representative Peter J. Daley – Pennsylvania Bridges

One thought on “Staff & Supporters

  1. Would really like to join the wine and line class. I have not painted since a kid but I think I have a creative side that wants to come out. Will register for oct class. The article in the herald standard reminded me of your center. I saw Dave Pahanish play years ago at lager heads. I’ll be in touch

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