Jozart Center for the Arts announces a unique art show…

By Justin Johnson*

Jozart Center for the Arts will host “In the Mind’s Eye: Fantasy to Reality”, a unique art exhibition by artists Joshua Getchen and Kayla Ascensio, on Friday, November 18, 2011, beginning at 7 p.m.

Through an unfortunate series of events, Josh Getchen was incarcerated at the State Correctional Institution Fayette. However, even through such trials and tribulations, he is an artist that pushes on and leaves behind a story through his illustrations. Josh immerses himself in his artwork, constantly developing his skills from graphite and colored pencil to acrylic paint. His dedication to his craft has won him multiple awards, including the Oakbridge Academy of Art design contest for the school’s sweatshirt logo. He is an artist that proves even though reality can be harsh, it is what we do with our reality that makes us who we are.

Kayla Ascensio relies on her artwork to bring her fantastic vision into the world. Though her tastes and her art are diverse, ranging from portraits, animals, and much more, fantasy is what has captured her interest for the near six years she has been an artist. Through her art, Kayla is able to bend the real and draw the impossible out of the imagination.

With the holiday season just around the corner, Josh’s and Kayla’s artwork provide excellent gift ideas for loved ones. Whether one needs a token of appreciation or a one-of-a-kind design, commissioned work in a variety of objects – original paintings, copy art, and tattoos to name a few – are available upon request.

About the planned exhibit, board president Carla Anderton said: “We are so pleased to have the opportunity to feature the works of artists Joshua Getchen and Kayla Ascensio at Jozart Center for the Arts. Their unique images will no doubt leave an indelible impression on the viewer. I’m certain our patrons will be both impressed and moved by their respective talents, and invite all with an interest in experimental and contemporary art to visit the Center and view these thought provoking works.”

For more information about “In the Mind’s Eye” or the Jozart Center for the Arts, please contact board president Carla Anderton at

*Mr. Johnson is the current Jozart CFTA Intern in charge of assisting the President with Public Relations

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