Jozart CFTA announces new Writers’ Group

Jozart CFTA announces new Writers’ Group; weaves together worlds with writers’ words.
By Justin Johnson, Public Relations Assistant/Intern

Writing is an art that speaks, and Jozart Center for the Arts hopes to raise its voice with the Center’s newly revamped Writers’ Group. Writers of all backgrounds – fiction, nonfiction, or individuals who simply appreciate the English language – are invited to attend the Jozart Writers’ Group, hosted every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 7pm and free to the public.

Nicole Robison, a writer and Secretary of the Board of Directors at Jozart, believes: “Writing is a solitary business. But it is also a business about people for people. Constructive criticism is the heart of a good writers’ group. A writer who can take the criticism and use it to his or her benefit has the potential to excel at their craft. I believe that’s the main point of the group, to help push a writer forward.”

Robison said she has great confidence in the Group’s new facilitator, Jonathan Romano. “I am thrilled that Jon has decided to step in and continue the Writers’ Group at Jozart. He has an amazing talent for recognizing the nuances of a story and helping people build on what they’ve already created with soft but insightful direction. He has a natural talent for writing and it’s wonderful to see him advance his own craft as well. I’m sure he’ll do very well and I look forward to being part of this group,” she said.

Jozart’s weekly Open Mic immediately follows the Writers’ Group at 8 pm. Writers are encouraged to stick around and share their talents with a larger audience during this event.

For more information on the Writers’ Group, please contact Facilitator Jonathan Romano via the Center at or at 724-938-9730.

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